The most important keys to success are not our innovative manufacturing processes or machines. It’s the people behind them.

Ok, ok. Of course, it’s the processes and machines—but our people are still in charge of operating them. Many of these men and women have been with us since the beginning. With good reason, too—the work environment at A&R TECH is characterized by a familial atmosphere and respect, while we also recognize and reward performance. Every single member of staff is not only highly motivated, but also an expert in their field. This we can guarantee thanks to our highly selective recruitment process for new staff members, regular programs aimed at further training and certification seminars conducted by IPC or TÜV.

We know today,
what the state of the art of tomorrow is

It’s not because we’re fortune tellers, but because of the culture of innovation we adhere to and are guided by every day. There is no substitute for innovation, especially in the high-tech sector. We must always be and think one-step ahead. As we say, "standing still means moving backwards".


Staff Members


Years of Experience



Thinking of the future means thinking of the environment.

That’s why when we design our products we pay close attention to saving resources, selecting environmentally friendly materials and, of course, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

Technology and Emotion

Two things we feel are not mutually exclusive. We are passionate about expert advice, comprehensive support during the planning phase and delivering reliable components. We feel it’s the only way to provide our customers with a decisive competitive advantage.