Our Products.

A step ahead of the future

eiCAB Railway

eiCAB stands for “ergonomic intelligent CAB” and primarily serves as a controller for trams, subways and heavy rails. Our technologies replace the myriad of switches and valves in the driver’s cab with touchscreen displays. This allows engineers to clearly arrange and increase the ergonomic comfort at work, reduce costs and maximize flexibility. The one-of-a-kind DevKit technology allows for convenient programming of the user interface to offer customized solutions for every customer.

In passenger transport, safety is the highest priority. That’s why we are especially proud of the fact that we are the first company on the market to receive SIL2 certification from TÜV Süd. This is one reason why our eiCABs can be found in cities such as Toronto, Melbourne, Blackpool, Linz, Krefeld, New York, Montreal, San Francisco and Krakow.

  • SIL2 railway HMI in its fourth generation
  • Certification according to EN50155
  • Safe input and output (SIL2)
  • Safe visualization, including, among others, the ETCS ERA 3.5.0 Widget Set
  • Customer-specific mechanics (retrofit)
  • Flexible expansion via the expansion module
  • Fully developed graphic programming toolchain

eiCAB Off Highway

In the Off Highway sector, our eiCAB-displays are primarily found in fire trucks, garbage trucks, excavators, etc., for which the DNA of railway technologies forms the foundation. This allows us to immediately provide our customers high-quality and fully developed displays for the Off Highway market in 9 different display sizes. We have tailored both hardware and extensive software to best suit the new areas of activity, while also ensuring certification for Off Highway standards such as e1 or the ISO16750 standard. The quality of the individual components, processing and programming is as unique as the technologies offered for our railway displays.

  • Off Highway certification (e.g. e1 and ISO16750)
  • Available as front mount or VESA mount
  • Durable EMV touch screens
  • Fully developed SIL2 platform available
  • Flexible expansion via expansion modules
  • Fully developed graphical programming toolchain

Customer-specific Development

We are guided by the principle, “nothing is impossible.” We are always ready and willing to try anything. And our wide-range of customer-specific solutions testify to how successful our attempts really are. Whether it’s with small extinguishing panels to protect a plant or customized climate control for fruit storage, we look forward to accepting any challenge that comes our way!

Heating Control

With our customized heating control solutions, we make sure no one ever gets cold feet. Here are a few of the highlights from our portfolio:

  • Modular-based heating control with biomass boilers
  • Scalable hardware and software
  • Diverse all-in-one controls for price-sensitive products
  • Room control elements with touch display and CAN-Bus connectivity
  • Support for NTK and LSU4.9 broadband oxygen sensors by BOSCH

Together with our team of heating control specialists, we are able to realize all of this and more.