Our Services.

From conception to production


Our passion lies in the research, development and production of control and visualization technologies for various industries. However, our main focus is the railway and Off Highway sectors. Or as we like to think of it: our expertise is always on track. And our expertise is wide-ranging. When it comes to developing sustainable and cost-optimized hardware and software solutions, we’re the sector’s driving force. But our services don’t stop with the sale. We offer to support the entire life cycle of our products and to update them continually to meet our customers’ needs. We guarantee that they fulfill all legal standards for safety relevant systems in accordance with EN50129. We really do love riding the trains that run with our technologies. Moreover, we work closely with our clients and partners to develop sustainable and cost-optimized hardware and software solutions and have already succeeded in creating many customer-specific solutions, especially for heating control systems.

The Quality Lab

Quality is always on top. Quality control is not only better—it’s irreplaceable. In our industry, there is no room for error. To practice what we preach and ensure the quality of our products ourselves, we founded the Quality Lab. In the Quality Lab, we are not only able to test for the efficiency and safety of our products, but we are also able to optimize them. Convinced of the result that can be achieved, external companies lease the equipment and become regular guests in our lab. But we don’t just lease them a room and say goodbye—we provide our extensive experience and invaluable advice whenever needed. Here are some specifics: our Quality Lab is equipped with a high-resolution 180 kV microfocus X-ray for the CAD-based 2D µAXI automated inspection of electronic components and solder joints, an X-ray system for short-term analysis, a vibrating table for highly accelerated life tests and three climatic chambers.


Product Lines




% Safety


We don’t like leaving things up to chance. Especially when it comes to our work. That’s why our manufacturing processes are efficient, well-structured and process oriented. By doing so, we’re able to flexibly manufacture small and large batches. Our professional machine park allows us to optimally develop our products to series production. Yet none of these machines would be more than a scrap of metal if it weren’t for the people operating them. Our production crew are all certified IPC specialists and are inspected regularly by the IPC.


Our services don’t end at production. Upon request, we also provide design services for the numerous applications on our displays. This enables our clients to spend more time addressing what the buttons and icons can do, than wasting time on how they look. We not only ensure that hardware and software operate smoothly, but also that applications are visually uniform, comprehendible and safe in their use.